Genesis 1:14-15
And God said, ôLet there be lights in the expanse of the sky, to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years, and let them be lights in the expanse of the sky to give light on the earth

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For 2011, I attempted to do something different than just capture photos. I am using a different photography technique call HDR (High Dynamic Range). Essentially for one photo you look at, 3 pictures are taken. One is what you normally would take with those camera settings, then you bracket that photo, one on each side with + and - 2 stop values. The 3 photos are then merged in software, and the settings are tweaked to complete the final picture. I am still learning this technique, so 2011 is a lot of basic preset values within the software. HDR provides significant depth and warmth to the photos. More like with you see with your eye. I will also provide some commentary on the pictures, so here is the look of the 2011 display.

The following photos primarily cover the house. I have the option of bathing the house in any color I choose using theatrical DMX lights. However, one of my color schemes is Red-Green-Blue-White, or combinations of those colors. Many of the display vignettes, use this scheme and during the songs I use all the different color combinations for effect, you will see some of that below:

The porch is something that some see from the street, our personal guests get to walk into and those who venture up the driveway to talk to Santa working in the window, see somewhat. Due to the critical nature of communications, outside of our personal guests, there is no one allowed onto the porch itself. The Bear attempts to convey that message.

Below is a walk around the yard/display starting in the east yard, then moving around the driveway, the street in front of the house, then finishing in the side yard. This will give you a perspective of the display layout and individual vignettes. In my display set up, I attempt to create several scenes throughout the yard, and if possible incorporate them into the overall "Show".

The above and below pictures are part of our Yellow Snow Vignette. One of 2 Bob Rivers Twisted Christmas Tunes used in our Show. Frosty catches the brunt of this scene, always a crowd favorite.

The above picture,  is the street entrance view, and the area I call "Center Stage" Rudy and Elfis have been the Emcee's of the show now for several years. In 2011, they both got raises, and elevated to "Star" Status. Elfis is in charge of the band, of which, Schroeder, of the Peanuts Nativity shown below, pulls double duty. Center Stage and the other vignettes change from year to year to give the display a different look each year.

Above is Spike O'Neill of the Bob Rivers Radio Show. Bob graciously customized his Twisted Christmas Tune, "Decorations" for Tracy and I. Spike did the custom voice over in the song. He has a local band that Bob plays in, called Spike and the Impalers. Spike is often on stage in a Man Kilt, which is how I depicted him.

The above picture gives you a perspective of the entire street in front of our home. This is the "Walking Display". No cars are allowed to be on this street, except in special circumstances for the handicapped, special needs, or retirement home busses.

Above is the Candy Cane Forest and can be seen from both the Walking Display and 236th Ave. Candy Cane, Red/White is another color scheme used throughout the display. Below you will see Santa keeping the Tasmanian Devil under control.

These next pictures are very unique perspectives. I was able to get onto my roof the night I took these pictures. I typically do not get up there unless absolutely required to troubleshoot or fix something, but this night was very mild and dry.

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