Genesis 1:14-15
And God said, ôLet there be lights in the expanse of the sky, to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years, and let them be lights in the expanse of the sky to give light on the earth

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2013 was a bit lean for pictures. I was frustrated with the fact that my one big addition, turned out miserable due to product manufacturing problems. That caused another addition to suffer and not have a full impact. I hope to have things turned around for 2014.

 Another perspective most don't get a chance to see during the Season. It is Command Central. This is my Home Office during the day, it is where our Golden Girls spend most of their time, and it gets real crowded from Thanksgiving to after the show stops for the year. You can see my "Santa in the Window" set up with the projector right next to my chair. The table is from the living room. The Tree above requires us to move it out of the Living Room, and serves as a "catch all" in my office.

This guy, I fell in love with because of the Dalmatians puppies he holds. So I needed to find a spot for him, and felt he could greet folks as they walked up the driveway. In 2014, I have another Santa blow mold that will be opposite him on the other side of the driveway.

A snapshot looking from the Street Entrance, looking North on 236th Ave. The Candle and Soldier blow molds act as a barrier, as there is a drop off right there into the culvert. Several years ago, a child took a flying leap unbeknownst to him after putting a donation in our Donation Box. His pride was hurt, but I needed to make sure that hazard was blocked. You'd be amazed at how much thought goes into placement of items to serve a particular purpose.

This is a shot of Center Stage with what was supposed to be the Big Splash for 2013. The RGB Tree. Most guests were kind and said it looked OK. This tree will rock in 2014, or that is the plan at least. What is not lit in this picture are the Mini Trees that in 2012, made up the Heart in my Mom's Memorial Vignette.


This is Ice Zee. He was the second big addition that was supposed to sing, dance and weasel his way into the Show. Due to the pixel failure rate on the RGB Tree, he sadly did a great Vanna White impersonation. He looked great, but really did nothing in the show.

Our Sno-Family. Dad plays a bit part in one of our guest favorites, "Yellow Snow", a Bob Rivers, Twisted Tune. Behind it, you can see that I had the Tree Within a Tree in a different spot in the yard as well.

The next series of pictures was the newly renovated North Pole Vignette in the East Yard. The center piece, besides the North Pole, was a new Train I picked up from a fellow decorator in Colorado. He was downsizing his display and we re-purposed Thomas Train to Woodinville Wonderland. It was a huge hit with the kids. In 2014, this will get an overhaul with more Road Arches to act as a barrier to keep the children from entering the yard. They all wanted to go get an up close and personal view of it as it whirled around.....

Outside of these shots, most of the display features can be seen from pictures in other years. 2014 we have a pretty large juggle coming. So hopefully there will be a lot of pictures to show all the changes.


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