Genesis 1:14-15
And God said, ôLet there be lights in the expanse of the sky, to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years, and let them be lights in the expanse of the sky to give light on the earth

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2017's photo's are an interesting mix. We did something different and added some Set Up! photos that were pretty cool in our opinion. Also my photography skills, along with schedule, and Mom Nature made for a difficult blend of good shots. This year, posted here are photo's added by one of our longtime guest, supporters, and in 2017, Display Managers, Jason Pittman. Thanks Jason for the assist!

2017's version of the Tree in the Window. This is my absolute favorite item of our display and it is not even outside. Mrs Clause always makes this a special centerpiece of our Season.

Christmas Morning we were "blessed" with a White Christmas. Our neighbor took this shot of our house early Christmas Morning. Mrs Clause thought it looked like a Thomas Kinkade picture.

2017 also saw us host Grammy Nominated Judy Pancoast to our home for the 3rd time. She provided a charming evening for our guests.

One of our guests shared a photo from her visit on 12-30-2017 with an added Light above.

This year for the first time, we had a lift donated by my Brother-in-Law, Terry, and Sunbelt Rentals. These next shots are some great overhead views of the display during Set Up!, and working on the Road Tree and putting the Peanuts Nativity on the roof. This was a huge help this year, and I give a special thanks to one of my special Elves, Don Kohler for operating the lift, while I climbed around as you will see.

The Road Tree got a total of 48 Really Big Lights, which were converted to RGB. They were hung by Don, and I had to be inside the tree (which is my normal for this element) to string them to the "trunk" cables that went to the controller at the base of the Road Tree. This is the most dangerous aspect of my Set Up! as this tree has to be dry to get inside, the bark is as slippery as black ice if wet. 

Sadly no good shots were taken of the different color schemes I could do with these. As RGB elements, there were 4 groupings of 12 Bulbs. So I could display up to 4 different colors at a time, but virtually I could make these any color I needed.

Courtesy Jason Pittman

A look after the Peanut Nativity was installed

Our Heat Light is 32 Mini Trees. This gives a great perspective, albeit without the Red rope outline inside. This has become our Signature Display element.

Looking back toward the Street Entrance, with the initial 36 Really Big Lights's in the Road Tree, and the initial placement of the Light Fan. 12 more RGL's were added by ladder to the lower part of the Road Tree. I had to order more cables for the added 12.

Center Stage with our Heart Light, and Master of Ceremonies, Rudy and Elfis. The Band was missing Saxy in a much heralded contract dispute. He wanted more visibility, but yet came to the party half lit. We never worked things out this Season.

Courtesy Jason Pittman

The lift in all its mechanical glory!

The West Yard, and Icicle Tree and Icicle Forest. One of the most spectacular Display elements in the entire country in our humble opinion.

Courtesy Jason Pittman

Courtesy Jason Pittman

The Tree within a Tree, with the Reindeer and Santa's Sleigh

The Arbor guards. This got a different look last year and this year with the actual colored version of the Really Big Lights. They are sold in colors, but we buy the White in bulk to convert to RGB

Our Present Gang, Sno Moe and Bill (say it fast). These guys come to us directly from one of our close Lighting buddies, Mike Ziemkowski of Lights on Display. He wanted them to go to a good home, and I was blessed with his generosity. They eventually will become the back up Singers for IceZee

Courtesy Jason Pittman

Present Gang, looking to IceZee....

Courtesy Jason Pittman

IceZee was a HIT again this Season. His fan base was clamoring for more play time, so he got it. His song was played twice in each Show

Another 2017 update. The Light Fan, affectionately called the Peacock Tail was converted to RGB. This was a great upgrade to the Display. This shot also shows a bit of the other 2017 upgrade, that being the RGB roof outline. Here you see it in blue. It framed the roof tiers just above the Icicle Lights.

Courtesy Jason Pittman

The Bow and Bell, added in 2015, was specifically for our neighbor at a request to add Christmastime to our Show. It was added in 2016 and dedicated to our neighbor Bob who struggled with Leukemia last year and sadly passed away before he could see the 2017 Display

For many years I have wanted to add a Grinch vignette. These guys were here in 2016, but never made it into the Display until a week into 2017's Display. This also give you another look at the RGB roof outline

Courtesy Jason Pittman

Moving into the East Yard, we come to our Reason for the Season first. In 2016 we added straw to provide some added ambiance, not sure why it took so long to do that....

Courtesy Jason Pittman

2016 saw a slight upgrade to our North Pole. In 2015 it collapsed in a wind storm and fractured the "North Pole" sign. We glued it together to make it through that Season, then revamped it last year.

Courtesy Jason Pittman

This is the new nucleus of a revamped center piece for The North Pole Express, aka, Thomas the Train. I want to make this an iceberg vignette to compliment the Polar Bears, Cornelius and Bumble, the Abdominal Snowman from "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer".

Lastly in 2016, we added the Gumdrop Lights to compliment the mini Blow Molds that round out this vignette. This also shows the long standing Spiral Tree.


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